Date: 14th of May

Location: Cala Fornells – Paguera

Meeting point: Avenue in front of the Beach. At the height of restaurant Beach Club, approximately half way down the walkway.



For weather reasons

Sea floor and beach cleaning programme

On Saturday the 14th of May 2016 a cleaning of the sea floor is programmed, from the coastline until around 50 meters out, depending on the conditions of the sea on the day. At the same time, different personnel will be in charge of cleaning the land area on foot, collecting solid waste deposited in the sand.

The cleaning will be carried out with the collaboration of volounteers, hotel associations and diving clubs (in this case Zoea, Palomondrius and Paguera Hotel Association – CalaFornells).

They will use material provided by Medio Natural y Urbano: gloves, bin bags, pincers for collecting waste, as well as diving material on behalf of the diving associations. There will also be refreshments: water, fruit and snack.

Description of the location:

Palmira beach is located in the municipality of Paguera – CalaFornells. For a better understanding of the location, we´ve attached an aerial photograph which shows the area of work.

Development of the plan:

All volunteers are asked to go to the meeting point (Restaurant Beach Club) and from there the cleaning groups will be organised.

09.30-10.00h: Meeting

10.00-10.30h: Presentation and organization of work groups

10.00-12.00: Cleaning work

12.00-12.30: Extraction of the waste

12.30-13.00: Collection of waste by Calvia 2000 and group photo

13.00: Snack

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